Paddles from Sir-Canada are handcrafted from leather, rubber or various native and exotic hardwoods and softwoods.  Whether it is wood finished in cleanable varathane, or the glass finish of hand rubbed oil, it is the character of the material, its thickness, shape and texture that give each paddle a special feel and sensation.

Leather paddles are laminated to optimal thickness for flexibility as well as sound and impact effects.  Rubber paddles are amongst the most harsh (but who said that was a completely bad thing).  Most leather and rubber paddles are less than 1/2 inch thick and less than 20 inches in length.

Wood paddles are designed to deliver soft, soothing sensations as well as the sting or thud that some crave.  Most paddles are less than 1/2 inch in thickness, though there are some thicker "cheeseboards" in the collection as well.  For ease of transport (and so they will fit in your toy bag), most paddles are less than 24 inches, with most being in the 16-20 inch length range.

From experience, pine and lacewood are two of the most deceiving woods used in paddles..... their wetight and texture belie the harshness that can accompany their use.

In the collection are pine, birch, oak, ash, elder, alder, redheart, purpleheart, Honduras rosewood, bubinga and others.  Most paddles range in price from $25-35 with the hand-rubbed oil finished exotic woods being slightly more.

Carving is also available in paddles at an extra cost.  Whether it is initials, a logo or a symbol, carving means that there will be a lasting mark of the User remaining with the receiver after use.

Wooden paddles are crafted from carefully selected stock and typically are made from parallel grained wood to avoid splitting or cracking.  Paddles should not break or crack in normal use... but if yours does.... send a note and a picture... it will either be replaced or 911 will be called :)

If you don't see a paddle that suits your needs, send a drawing or sketch and tell us what kind fo wood you would like it made from and we will do our best to provide you with "your" paddle as soon as possible at a reasonable cost.

Enjoy browsing the paddles and when you find one you like, send an email to and a response with pricing and delivery options will be sent as soon as possible.

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